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This page covers the Austrian army of Prince Eugene that halted Ottoman expansion in Europe in the early 18th Century. Including the battles of Zenta, Peterwardein and Belgrade.

Whilst Eugene’s command achievements were considerable the superiority of the army he led owed more to the work of Raymond Montecuccoli. He improved mobility with smaller battalions and increased firepower by reducing the proportion of pikes. This work was continued after his death with the introduction of flintlocks with plug, ring and socket bayonet before most other western armies including the French. The Imperial forces in the Balkans also relied more heavily on light field artillery and up to a third of the army was cavalry. Dragoons (including Eugene’s early command) providing firepower (often on foot) with cuirassiers for shock action. The hussars who were mainly Croats as Hungary was in revolt for most of this period were used for raiding and scouting. A vital counter to the Ottoman Tartar horsemen.

Prince Eugene and his staff


Dragoons - Dragoon Regiment No.1 Rabutin

Figures from the Wargames Foundry WSS range.


From the Old Glory range.


From the Wargames Foundry WSS range.

Line Infantry


Figures from the Wargames Foundry WSS range. Also used the Front Rank range.

Battalion Gun

Wargame Foundry figures with a Front Rank cannon.



From the Old Glory range.

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