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The Ottoman empire in the Napoleonic period was still a significant player in world affairs. The Empire stretched from the Balkans to North Africa in a complex structure of central control and local administration. The main problem was the refusal of provincial rulers to obey the Sultan and this led to many local revolts.

The army was at war during most of this period. The main antagonist was Tsarist Russia, keen to expand southwards into the Balkans, although campaigns were also fought against the Empire's traditional western ally France in Egypt. The army itself had not modernised and remained a colourful mix of troops from across the Empire. Attempts at modernisation were resisted by traditionalists, a problem that would not be resolved before the Janissaries were destroyed in 1826.

The figures below are 15mm based for Principles of War rules and come from a variety of ranges including Minifigs, AB, Essex and most recently Venexia.

Cavalry remained a large element of Ottoman armies. Here we have a typical Middle Eastern force of Arab horse and camel riders together with Mamalukes.

Mamalukes of Egypt.

Bedouin camel riders

Arab foot skirmishing in front of Egyptian fellahin.

Back in the Europe the Janissaries, whilst not the force they once were, remained a key element of most armies.

and local versions in this case Serbian Janissaries with locally raised foot.

Albanian sharpshooters could be found in armies across the Empire

Massed cavalry would be found on both wings of an Ottoman army.

Some of the best were the regular Suvarilaris.

But most were still the Sipahis.

Heavy artillery - this superb model is from the Venexia range.

Attempts were made to introduce western style regular infantry with the formation of the Nizam - i - Cedit (new army).

For some really stunning figure painting of Ottomans visit http://www.koenigkrieg.com/gallery/ottomans1/gallery.html

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