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Russian Army of the Ottoman Wars 1710-13

In the same period but less well known than the Malburian or Great Northern Wars was the Russian conflict with the Ottoman Empire that was fought in the Balkans between 1710 and 1713.

This was the army of Peter the Great, flushed with success after defeating the Swedes at Poltava in 1709.

Unfortunately for Peter the Balkans did not rise in support of his 1711 invasion and he was trapped by a large Ottoman army on the Pruth River  in Moldavia. He only escaped thanks to a generous treaty.

This is work in progress with this project so watch this space. Most figures come from the Reiver Castings range produced by those charming and very helpful Geordies at Under the Bed Enterprises.


Dragoons with pokalem or kartuz cap.

Dragoons with Tricorne

Horse Grenadiers

Foot Grenadiers

Line Regiment of foot

Russian Line Infantry with cap.

Russian Line Infantry with cap.

Russian Line Infantry

Artillery and generals

and finally no Russian army would be complete with Cossacks!

These are from the Foundry range.

Further Reading:

There is a two part Osprey MAA 260 and 264 on Peter the Great's army. Out of print and quite difficult to source at a reasonable price.

There is an excellent summary of the 1710-13 war by Andrew Coleby and Nick Dorrell in Arquebusier Volume XXXI/II 2008.


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