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These are 28mm WW1 figures from a number of ranges. They represent British, German, Austrian Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Russian and Turkish troops who fought on the Salonika front in WW1. In particular the more open warfare on the Struma front where skirmish actions took place throughout the campaign.

The Warhammer Historical Great War rules are ideal for these actions. However, I am now using Bolt Action. Here is my basic army list for Austro-Hungary and another for Serbia.

Austrian early war Hussars are the latest addition.

Early war British storming German positions.

Highlanders storming Turkish positions


British 18lb Field Gun                                                                                        British Command

German early war

German command

Austrian Infantry

Turkish troops

Turkish HMG

Greek Infantry

Greek Evzones                                                                                                                    Greek HMGs

Russian Infantry

Italian Infantry

Bulgarian Irregulars

Bulgarian infantry

Bulgarian Officer

Further Reading

In particular I would recommend Alan Wakefield's book that is in print. Plus membership of the Salonika Society that includes their excellent journal The New Mosquito.

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