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Welcome to the website Balkan Military History.

Balkan Military History is devoted to the study of the military history of the Balkans. 
It is aimed primarily at wargamers and others with an interest in the region and its fascinating history.
BMH has been online since 1997 and this is our 17th year of continuous operation.
We hope you enjoy our site and any comments, views or contributions would be very welcome to:
The Editor - Dave Watson
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Latest books, journal articles and wargame products



Articles on Balkan military history

What's New - November 2014


Some very nice 28mm Greek War of Independence figures in 28mm from Steve Barber models.


For SAGA players the Studio Tomahawk forum has battleboards for Balkan battles including Greeks, Celts, Late Romans and others.


Edinburgh school project tells the story of 27 Serbian boys, aged 12 to 17, who were taken in by the educational establishment in 1916.


New Osprey style book on the Long Turkish War 1593 to 1606

Warfare in the Balkans

Historical overview



Guide to museums and other sites of interest

The story of the island of Vis during the Second World War. It was a base for partisans, commandos and US rangers with air and naval support.

Armies of the Balkans

Armies that fought in the Balkans



Scenarios and related items for wargamers


Feature article  'Opening Shots of World War One', a quick look at first campaign of the Great War. With some new Serbian figures in 28mm.

Plus my basic Austro-Hungarian army list for Bolt Action rules and another for Serbia


Further reading


Balkan Quiz

Test your knowledge of Balkan Military History


Links - Related sites


Visiting the Balkans?

Try our travel section for guides to the places of historical interest across the Balkans. If it's worth seeing - we have been there.

The Editor's latest Balkan travels took in the Croatian island of Vis.





Outside the Balkans - Sections on the Editor's non-Balkan wargame interests.


Scots army at the Battle of Bannockburn 1314



Armies of the Punic Wars. Carthage and Rome.



The War of the Spanish Succession


Then Mughal India. See a more detailed article in Wargames Illustrated.

and the latest addition - The Persians and the Sepoys

Recommended new fictional read: Empire of the Mughal by Alex Rutherford

Napoleon in Egypt the theme for Glasgow & District Wargaming Society's 2008 show display. This article gives an overview of the campaigns and the units. See the feature article in Wargames Illustrated.

South American Wars of Liberation. See the feature article in the August 07 edition of Wargames Illustrated.

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